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7.9.1(k)s-l or s(k)l

Gael.S.aisealaxis; amusement (kinetic sense conserved)
Gael.S.aisilagStorm Petrel, 115
Anc.Greekasillaa wooden apparatus placed on the shoulder and serving to transport merchandise
Franç.aissellearmpit (originally the articulation itself)
Franç.échelleladder, cf. scalað7.1.
Prov.aisseladosupport of a beam
Franç.oc.eisselatáto pinion the wings
Franç.: Gasc.eishelaEgyptian Vulture, 199 (see auzerás, hereunder)
Span.aslilla, islillaarmpit
Zend asaya(borrowing) shoulder articulation
Ital.: Cal.silla, siddawing
Ital.: Sic.asiddabird
Ital.: Abruz.aciddabird
Ital.: Ven.acillònea large bird
Ital.: Ven.acillucciasmall bird
Ital.: Ven.acillamefeathered game
Ital.: Abruz.cellacillaid.
Ital.: Bariacidda de la lattùcheaxis of the lettuce that shoots up
Ital.: Abruz.scénnawing
Ital.: Abruz.scellacáflutter
Ital.: Abruz.sceddónewing; a fish Thunnusalalonga, q.v. ð7.7.
Ital.: Pal.ciejje"ripenno celo"; bird
Ital.: C. dei Volscicellevulva (in the axis of the body, cf. iliað7.7.)
Ital.: Sic.céllarucavicchio traversale dell'aspoð7.3.
Ital.: Cal.ceddabird
Ital.: Sic.oceddu(and var. accieddu,arceddu,aucieddu,aguciddâ) bird
Ital.: Cal.aggieddufeather (secondary: belonging to the bird)
Ital.: Corseagellubird
Cat.axellaarmpit; bird
Ital.: Nap.ascellawing
Ital.: Nap.asciellettabird
Ital.: Tirolocelabird
Ital.uccellobird (the winged creature); birds of prey; penis:
the axis, cf. celle, above, and iliað7.7.)a widespread name in Romance languages. The following names are translations of the Romance term originally meaning "little axis", the original sense having been lost and replaced by its present meaning "bird": Cat. pardal, Cat. Benasque moixoneta, Roman. pasâre, Sbc. ptic, Mod.Greek. stroûthos, all meaning "penis"; Mod.Greek. xelidón "vulva" (the Slavic and Greek names are transl. of the Romance names). See oiseauð7.9.2.
Ital.nord-estUccello (Pizzo d')an oronym (also Piz Uccello near the San Bernardino Pass, GR - utschegl, hereafter)
Ital.nordUcia (Monte)an oronym
Ital.Ucciaa town
Sbc.: Dalm.uzejbird
R.Rom.utschel, utschellabird
R.Rom.Utschegla mountain pass near the San Bernardino
Germ.: FREuschelJaun Pass
Franç.: Alpes-Mar.Isolaa locality on the passage towards the pass of La Lombarde
Franç.Isoleriver of the Basses-Alpes
Franç.Islea river
Germ.: AustriaIsela toponym
Ital.Isellepassage between Ossola and Brigue
Franç.IssoluA town in the Lot Dept., Lat. Uxellodunum (hereafter)
Franç.Issoirea town in the Puy-de-Dôme Dept.
Franç.Issy-les-Moulineauxan agglomeration near Paris
Franç.Issingeauxa town in the Loire Dept.
Lat.Ocelumlocality of Gaul between Torino and Briançon, prob. Oulx and Aucelon
Lat.Graiocelia tribe of Oisans, the inhabitants of Izeaux
Lat.UxellodunumIssoudun (Indre), Issolu (Lot) and Uzerche (H.Vienne)
Franç.: SR (Taveyannaz)Aussel (Pointe d')an oronym
Franç.: VS (Susanfe)Encel (Pas d')a narrow passage
Franç.: Corr., CantalUsseltoponyms
Ital.nordUssel, Usella, Usségliotoponyms
Franç.: Vienne, LoiretUsseaua toponym
Franç.: LoiretHuisseaua toponym
Franç.: PuyD.Ussouan oronym
Ital.N.Usseauxa town south of Susa
Franç.Ussat-les-Bainsa locality in the valley of the Ariège
Franç.Uzèsa town in the Gard Dept.
Franç.Uzerchea town of the H.Vienne, Lat. Uxellodunum
Franç.Oze, Ozerainrivers of axis on each side of the Mont Auxoisð7.4.
Ital.: Ven.oselbird
Ital.: Cortinaoudzélbird
Ital.: Piem.uselbird
Ital.: Piem.Usseglioa toponym
Ital.: Ven.auSillobird
Ital.: Giul.alSiel, auziei, uzielbird
Ital.: Piem.auselfeather (secondary, belonging to the bird)
Ital.: Lomb.olcél, orcé, voncelid.
Ital.: Cepinaulcélbird
Ital.: Livignoolcélbird
Ital.: Semogouncélbird
Franç.: Clerm.-F.àuceloubird
Franç.: Vinz.uceloubird
Franç.: Aveyr.ouceloubird
Prov.aoucelaio, aucelùnthe winged world
Prov.àoucelas, oousselasthe birds of prey
Ital.norduslaz et
Franç.: Ustouauzerásid.
Franç.: Béarn.auzeroubird
Franç.: Murat (Cantal)houssèrbird
Franç.: Gasc.aouzeralho, aucelhadothe winged world
Franç.: Béarn.auseralhflock of birds
Franç.: Gersàouserailloid.
Ital.: Cortinaougiòrawing
Ital.: Cortinaougioràto fly
Ital.: Cortinaougiorònbirds of prey
Franç.: Cellefr.ozilhousmall bird
Franç.: Poitouoisillouid.
Franç.: b.Maineoiseyonid.
Franç.(a.litt.)oiseillet, auzelitid.
Prov.(a.litt.)auzelon, auzelitid.
Franç.: SRozalet, izaletid.
Franç.: Sav.isaletid.
Franç. :Florent, Argonneaiseletid.
Franç.: Montb., Sancey, Verdunoselotid.
Franç.: Châten.oûejelotid.
Franç.: Brillonouzloid.
Franç.: C.d'Orozeléid.
Franç.: Clairval, Ortoncourtougelotid.
Franç.: Lim.ougelbird
Ital.: Valsug.uzelbird
Ital.: Bormiouzelcondotto che porto sul fuoco l'aria de mantice
Ital.Occello (Colmo de)name of the San Bernardino Pass in the 15thth cent., literally "summit of the axis"
Ital.: Luccauscellooguno dei due compartamenti in cui diviso l'arcone
Prov.aucelo, oucelo, ozeloSwallow, 316 (the bird par excellence)
Ital.: Corseaciellaid.
Bretonhuchellatto rock (kinetic sense conserved) (cf. uskellað7.1)
Cat.ocellbird (a more literary form than ausel)
Prov.aucelo, ooucéou, auzelbird. Prov. litt. aisel "oiseau" is prob. en err. for French oisel
Franç.: Aveyr.ooucelbird
Ital.: Friuliucielbird
Ital.: Giul., V.AntronauSelbird. For other Ital. var., see Garbini, 1925: 947-950
Ital.: Badiavicelbird
Ital.: Roveredo (GR)orscéllbird

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