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3.6.45 m-n > n-n Black and white; noir et blanc

Gael.S.nòinevening: between light and dark
Germ.reg.nonneBarn Owl, 238
Germ.reg.nonnenmeiseMarsh Tit, 395
Germ.: SuissenonneliSmew, 62
Engl.nunSmew, 62; Blue Tit, 391; members of a religious order (black and white garments)
Engl.nan-pie, pie-nannyMagpie, 388
Engl.nannyWhitethroat, 362
Engl.nanny-redtailRedstart, 347
Engl.nanny-wagtailWhite Wagtail, 313
Engl.long-tailed nanLong-tailed Tit, 398
Franç.nankinyoung chamois
Engl.nankeena kind of cotton cloth, Fr. nankin (there is no evidence it has ever been made in Nankin, China; cf. damasð3.3.14.11., muslinð3.6.29.)
Engl.nannyGrey Heron, 118
Ital.: Pis.nonnaGrey Heron, 118; Night Heron, 126
Ital.: Elbanonna marinaNight Heron, 126
Ital.: CorsenonnaWheatear, 349
Franç.: QuébecnonnetteSlate-coloured Junco, 678
Franç.: Sav.nonetteMarsh Tit, 395
Franç.: SRnonetteSmew, 62; Tufted Duck, 48
Franç.: Pic.pilet nonetteSmew, 62
Franç.: Pic.crot nonetteBarnacle Gose, 32
Franç.rég.nonantPochard, 50

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