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Ital.catelloyoung dog
Cat.cadellyoung dog; Stilt, 156
Cat.cadellotGreat Crested Grebe, 66
Franç.: Lyoncatèlapulley
Franç.: SRcatelletuile servant à revêtir les murs (bruyante quand elle est manipulée)
Roman.catalánHerring Gull, 81
Esp.: ColombiecatalánRinged Kingfisher Ceryletorquata, 690 (rattling call)
Esp.catalánname of a people. It is prob. that the Catalans were so called by their neighbours because the speak loud and fast. ainsi par leurs voisins car ils parlent fort et vite
Ital.: Otr.cotalógnaMagpie, 288
Ital.: Lomb.catlinounGreen Woodpecker, 270
Esp.: MálagacatalinitaCommon Tern, 97, 99
Ital.: Corsecatalinettacantarideð5.8.6., a beetle emitting a grating sound when seized
Franç.: Norm.catelinetteGreat Crested Grebe, 66
Franç.: Béarn.catarinadegossipping
Ital.: Crém.caterinazaGreen Woodpecker, 270
Cat.santa-catarinaCorn Bunting, 445
Gallegocatarinacog wheel of a machine
Esp.: Amer.catarinaparrots and other noisy birds
Mod.GreekskatharóniGreen Woodpecker, 270
Ital.: Cal.Scátarrafrog
Ital.: TeregliocacátturaGreat Tit, 390
BasquekatatxoriGreen Woodpecker, 270
Port.catapreiroGreen Woodpecker, 270
Ital.: Cal.Scataféscianoise d'une chose qui tombe
Engl.caterwaulto utter long wailing cries ("to cry like cats" is a definition inspired by the first element; the word is seldom used in this sense and perhaps only in the written language. For waul see ð5.10.8.)
Engl.: Scot.cattie-wurrieviolent quarrel
Engl.reg.catabrantailRedstart, 347
Engl.reg.katabellaHarrier (?), 219
Nederl.graskatWhitethroat, 362
Germ.reg.tierkaterBlack Swift, 321
Germ.katermale cat
Germ.reg.blässkaterCoot, 138
Germ.reg.schneekaterle, schneekaderFieldfare, 341
Germ.reg.quattelnto babble
Germ.reg.quatterStarling, 293
Anc.Greek katáraimprecation
Anc.Greekkatharraktèslarge waterfall; "a sea bird" (prob. just the crashing noise of the waves)
Anc.Greekkatapéltèscatapult (a noisy war machine)
Anc.Greek katárroiacatarrh (causes coughing); not from katárrous downrushing
Roman.: Mold.cataroiuquinte de toux
Franç.: Béarn.catarroùid.
Esp.catarañaHerring Gull, 81
Franç.:St.DidierT.chatarèpleurnichard, FEW 22: 61
Franç.: Isèrechatrouflûte de Pan, FEW 23: 145
Germ.reg.schatternto creak, etc.; to sing (domestic cock, 2)
Germ.reg.schätterhex et var.Magpie, 288
Germ.reg.nachtschattenNightjar, 251
Germ.reg.schatterchenWhitethroat, 362
Engl.shatterto break
Port.caturroWigeon, 46
Port.caturraRed-legged Partridge, 16
GallegocataraluxaWhitethroat, 362

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