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3.6.18 m-rk Spotted, marked; tacheté, marqué

ONmarksign, mark
Germ.(MHG)marcsign, mark
Engl.marksign, mark
Esp.marcasign, mark
Germ.Markproper name, cf. Marie ð3.6.14.
Germ.reg.markolf, markardt etc.Jay, 290
Germ.reg.markenteGoosander, 61; also attributed to "eisvogel" which in this case is not the Kingfisher but the Goosander, also called eisentli etc.
Germ.reg.freesmarkerbullBittern, 125
Germ.reg.markdohleChough, 285
Engl.reg.marketjew crowChough, 285 (jew does not stand by itself but is part of the word market, being a suffix, like "markety" or the like)
Engl.reg.markMagpie, 288
Engl.reg.march-throstleMistle Thrush, 340
Pol.markaczkaGoldeneye, 54
Franç.: wall.marquéspotted (animals)
Franç.marcresidue of the pressing of grapes, characteristically marked with various colours. Not from marcher; when this method is used, one does not "march" on the grape, one tramples on it
Franç.marchadeBlackcap, 358
Franç.: Mos.mercheu, maréchalRing Ouzel, 344
Franç.rég.toc meurchâalso maréchal-ferrant Great Spotted Woodpecker, 273
Franç.: ArboismarichauSwift, 321
Franç.rég.maréchau et var.Black Redstart, 348; Stonechat, 353
Franç.canard marchantGoldeneye, 54
Pol.markaczkaGoldeneye, 54
Roman.marcusâ(sheep) with a black head
Sbc.markuSaanimal with a black coat
Sbc.mrkuSaMallard, 40; Grey Partridge, 22
Bulg.markelmackerel ð3.6.22.
Sbc.ribar markoKingfisher, 267
Ital.: Cal.marcuHooded Crow, 281
Ital.: Romg.marco, marconHooded Crow, 281
Ital.: TImarconBittern, 125
Ital.: Abruz.merconeRing Ouzel, 344
Ital.: Sard.marcasórigheWren, 406
Franç.marcassitea kind of mineral, cf. margalineð3.6.19.
Cat.marcassatJay, 290
Franç.marcassinyoung wild boar (characteristically striped).
Sanglier has nothing to do with Lat. singularis "solitary" (wild boars are not solitary), confused with sangle "strap" from the stripes of the young; cf. Ital. (Calabr.) cingulu "striglia" stripe, Ital. cinghia "sangle", strap, cinghiale "sanglier" wild boar
Franç.marquisemarquee, a tent like canopy usually made of striped cloth
Franç.: VSmarquisename for a cow
Franç.:Hérém. (VS)marquijenom de vache rouge avec taches brunes
Franç.: Bagnes (VS)marquéjáa cow spotted with white
Ital.: Piem.pic marchésGreat Spotted Woodpecker, 273
Ital.: RietimarchettùStonechat, 353
Prov.: Nicemarquetaspotted cow
Franç.: Bressemwarquatea cow with a spot on the forehead
Franç.marqueterinlaid; marqueté inlaid, speckled
Franç.marqueteriemarquetry, inlaid work
Franç.maroquinerto mark leather with a certain pattern. "from Morocco" by folk etym.; cf. damassé,damasquinéð3.3.14.11.
Franç.maroca kind of wool fabric
Engl.marocaina kind of crepe fabric

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